Taipei Beida: 2 caring and enegetic FT teacher ASAP needed!!
Asian Consultants International has many part time and full time positions in Taipei and other parts of Taiwan for you. Just contact us! We never pressure a teacher into a job that he/she is not comfortable with! Please look here:

Location: Beida, New Taipei City

Job Code: [237USAF0926]
Work in a beautiful neighborhood that is green and pretty but still easy to take MRT.Well-established American-style language institute in a suburb of Taipei called Sanxia (near Zhongyan University). Pay is around 55000-58000/month, depending on numbers of classes taught. Working hours:  9am-4pm, M-F (30 min. arrival prior to start of class is required); 430-610pm, 4 days/wk (elementary class). Students’ age: 3 to 12 years old. Class size: No more than 18, with Chinese staff assistance. Contract length: One year.
The school has a large and spacious facility, and provides set curriculum, initial and on-going training, ARC, insurance, airport pick up, and housing assistance. One head foreign teacher and 9 happy foreign teachers on board! Very cool Chinese manager. 30 min. train ride to Taipei City. Great for first-time teachers as well as experienced teachers. Two teachers needed ASAP, especially one for K1-K3 yoyo class, really young age!

There are jobs like this one, plus more. You can reach us by calling 02 2764 5784, or visit our website at We would love to assist you in finding something suitable in Taiwan.

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