ROOM FOR RENT I ‘m a Canadian, have been here 13+ years, and have my Taiwan Residency. I have a fully furnished 3-Bedroom large apartment (total size = 21 Pings…..a ping = 6 feet X 6 feet square approx.) It’s in the Hsimenting area, very near Hsimen MRT Station, Door #1, just a 2 minute walk away. It is not in the louder walking area of the Hsimen area, it is a quieter area on the outer part. I have the apartment and rent the 2 other rooms out. One room is available “TODAY”. I want to rent to a roommate that can give a 9 month commitment minimum (June/30). You will have access to everything in the home. The apartment has a comfortable balcony off of a large living/dining room, big dining room table, 32” flat screen T.V., VCR and DVD. Also included in the living room are 2 sofas….one of which pulls out for a bed for overnight guests. There is a new washing machine and the kitchen has a lot of room with a large refrigerator, coffee maker, gas double stove, microwave, rice cooker, large oven (not a toaster oven), toaster, and a large water machine so there is no need to buy water. These items are in the home now and yours to use at anytime. The apartment is fully furnished/ decorated/ painted by me. LIVING IN HSIMENTING HAS EVERYTHING: The apartment is in a very convenient place as it is only a 10 minute walk to Taipei Station, 2 minute walk to a Y.M.C.A. one block away (w/swimming pool) and a 10 minute walk to 3 famous places, Longshan Temple, CKS Memorial Hall and 228 Peace Memorial Park. California & City Gyms just a 5 minute walk away. It’s also a short walk to both Botanical Gardens and the Youth Park which has an outdoor community swimming pool. Of course if you drive, these places are even quicker to get to. Wellcome Supermarket and 24-Hour Carrefour Superstore both just 1 block/1 minute walk away!! Also, Hsimenting has all kinds of food/restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, cafes, pubs, KTV’s, MTV’s, and “MANY” movie theatres, all just a few minutes from the front door!! And if you know Hsimen, there is shopping, shopping and more shopping!! It’s the place to be !! ROOM: The room is 100 square feet of space (3 pings) and is air conditioned. You share a washroom with just one other roommate. The room is already wired to instantly hook up to the internet ADSL and also cable TV. It includes a double bed, computer desk, bookshelf, nightstand, and wardrobe closet. The rent is 8500nt/month. Rent is paid monthly on the 15th. Expenses for water, electricity, gas, internet ADSL and cable TV is shared equally between all 3 roommates. The expenses are totaled together and paid every 2 months. The first month’s rent and a 2 month deposit is required (negotiable if a little more time is required). Home installation of landline telephone is your expense and responsibility. The washroom would be shared by you and the other roommate (currently an Austrian female University student) and it’s up to you both to clean / maintain it. I do not share the washroom since I have one in my bedroom. I have a website with many pics of the house/room, just go here: Click: “HOUSE PICS” Room click: “ROOM B” [please note, the Austrian female in “ROOM A” will depart December/11 and you will have first choice if want to take the room then, so please take a look at those pictures also if you have interest….this room is 9000/month and is 110sq. feet, bigger desk/wardrobe/bookshelf] The room/apartment makes it a lot easier on anyone, especially new arrivals to Taiwan since there is no need to bother with paperwork/aggravation of hookups with water/power/gas/ADSL/ cable etc. And it is just so easy with the apartment already furnished and the room all ready to be moved into as it already has the bed, wardrobe, shelving, computer desk, air conditioning, ADSL and cable (for TV) already there in the room!! Just move in and no worries!! I must tell you it is much nicer than your typical Chinese apartment/room for rent here. I have fixed it up/maintained it and have been in this place for over 11 years now. A must see place!!! Room/apartment available for viewing anytime. Please contact DAVE 09-3200-9170 Please call “AS SOON AS POSSIBLE” if you have any interest at all as I have rented these rooms previously and they went very fast!! They have never been empty. Please call....only email if you want pics first thank you! If you call and there is no answer, I may be busy / teaching so please keep trying or send sms. Thanks. Dave 09-3200-9170 (best times to view [1] Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri. 9:00 a.m. -11:30am [2] Tue/Thu/Fri between 6:30-8:00 p.m. no later, sorry. If you do call/write to arrange to come take a look, MRT: come out Hsimen door/exit #1, turn directly left and walk straight down to the end of the road just 2 minutes. At the end of the road you’ll see a “Bear’s English School”, stop there & call me. Driving / Taxi: intersection of Hsining South Road & Changsha Road and call)
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