Certified Elementary/Junior High School and G-6 afterschool program Teachers Needed!
Large Private School offering various programs for its students needs teachers for the upcoming semester. Stable schedule of 8a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon-Friday. Teaching hours: 19-25 per week (Additional office hours). Paid national holidays. High monthly salary ranging between 70000-80000NT/month. Attendance Bonus, Performance Bonus & Contract Completion Bonus, totally up to be 80,000NT/year! Subsidized newly renovated Teacher Housing available at 6600NT/month. Work Permit, National Health & Labor Insurances sponsored by the school. Curriculum is bilingual, which means you will teach multiple subjects, not just English! Also can be a homeroom teacher where you can see your students really grow! Over 35 other foreign teachers for support. New classes with new students are rolling in constantly. Therefore, we need teachers who are young, energetic, and enthusiastic, and EXCELLENT teamworkers. North American teachers with public elementary experience preferred. SEVERAL OPENINGS AVAILABLE FOR licensed teachers needed in total.
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