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English tutor available for tutoring ESL students
Studio Art, tutoring ESL students, personal counseling with kids

Dennis P

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English tutor available for tutoring ESL students
I would be a great choice for this job as I have taught Art for over 20 years to all ages, mainly K-8 at Burke School, an Independent prep school in San Francisco, and at several High School sites as well including Lick-Wilmerding and Gateway H.S. tutoring ESL students. I have just finished my Secondary Single Subject Credential at San Francisco State, and am beginning work on my ESL certificate TOMORROW! Of course, I also have an MA and MFA allowing me to teach college, in Studio Art from UC Berkeley as well.

I am a showing professional artist with a long career and many areas of concentration in the arts, including Asian Studies, printmaking and papermaking, bookmaking, painting and drawing, and a recent fascination with calligraphy and 3-D installation structures. One of my favorite areas in teaching Art is collaboration with the drama and english teachers in producing Musicals, Plays, and Theatre pieces for all ages. I worked with a drama teacher last year at Sacred Heart Convent to produce "Our Town" with their seniors, a huge success, including music, costumes, video projections and ambient sound, as well as minimal sets. I have been a middle school advisor for many years and enjoy the chance to do personal counseling with kids.

My art bio is available, but I am only sending:
1. proof of degrees
2. 2 references
3. my CV

I have slides of student work available online, as well as my own work. I have at least four more excellent references from profs. and advisors, as well as jobs. I have family in Taipei and am fully motivated to move there, as I'm familiar with the culture and city itself. I have been visiting there twice yearly for five years, spending most of the gruelingly hot summers in Taiwan!
In fact, I took the credential program to enable my teaching abroad. I need to live in Asia now!

Dennis P