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Webmaster Heiner grosse Sextro

Taipei contact Uwe grosse Sextro at 25411927

About the Taiwan-taipei.com free classified ads

Taiwan-taipei.com was founded in June 2005.

The goal of our website is to provide free service to all those in need of finding employment, to bring people together and to give them the opportunity to exchange their Ideas. We want to create an environment in which it is easy to communicate to others while still protecting your privacy. For example, your email account is not shown publicly on any pages our website unless you write your email address into the "your text" field. If someone wants to contact you the email will be send directly from Taiwan-taipei.com to your email account. We will not review, copy, distribute or analyze any of these correspondences. Please be aware to respect our terms of use when using this service. Please do not violate any laws! Don't send insulting or threatening letters through our service! Please contact us if you receive this kind of mail.

Although we will have to find some way of financing our website somewhat in the future, be assured the classified ad section will always be for free. When we say for free we mean free for everybody for schools, people looking for jobs, landlords, people looking for apartments etc. In other words all the categories of the classified ads section.

At this point we want to talk about agents and agencies. We do have a highly controversial relationship with agents and agencies. On one hand, they can be useful. But on the other hand you might end up working for an agent and not really for a school. We actually don't like the idea of someone taking money for someone else's hard work. If the agent or agency helps you to find an employment with a third party company quickly, that's great. So you can start making money right away and you can save some of this running around time. If the agency lets you run from school to school for ever and is between you and a direct paycheck from that school. "Hey!" Also if someone calls you or sends you an email saying over and over again "our schools", and at the interview you find out, that you at no time were negotiating with the schools owner. "Hey!" We will have one category for agents and agencies in our classified ads section. We hope that agents and agencies will place their ads in this category only. If you have any problems or complains with agencies you found on our website let us know. Thanks