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Terms Of Use - Taiwan-Taipei.com

Binding Terms of Use for Taiwan-taipei.com

Read the following conditions through carefully before you use our website Taiwan-Taipei.com . When you use our website Taiwan-Taipei.com, you agree to these terms. If you do not agree with these conditions do not use our website Taiwan-Taipei.com. This website has a privacy policy which you must read before using taiwan-taipei.com.

Use of our website Taiwan-Taipei.com

Our website Taiwan-Taipei.com allows you to view and download the content of this website. Anything you post on our website will automatically become our intellectual property. The content of this website is protected by copyright.You shall not display, show publicly or distribute the content of this website. You shall not copy content from other websites and post it onto ours. If you post something on other websites first you'll probably lose the intellectual rights for these postings and shall not copy and paste exactly the same ad or content on our website. We reserve the right to reedit your postings and to withhold the reason for reediting.

Don't link to websites with content that break national and international laws. You shall not change our content or try to execute malicious scripts. Taiwan-taipei.com does not take any responsibility for damages done to your system through illegal third party activities and our own script. The use of our website is on your own risk. We don't take any responsibility for damages done to your system done by websites Taiwan-taipei.com links to.

You shall not use the content of this website in a network. Every unauthorized use of the content of this website Taiwan-taipei.com can violate copyright, or other legal regulations. If you violate our regulations or you violate national or international laws, the right to use our website Taiwan-taipei.com is canceled at the moment the violation occurred.

We do not allow postings of fake job applications or fake employers who do not have a kindergarten or a school. We do not allow postings that make people believe you are looking for a job and the sole purpose of that ad is to have schools or kindergartens contact you so you can run your agency .For deletion of such ads we'll demand a reimbursement for administrative work of 10 000NT$ for each ad or posting that had to be removed from our website taiwan-taipei.com. We do not allow agencies, recruitment firms or consultancies to place ads in the schools looking for teachers category. Such postings will violate our terms of use and we demand a reimbursement of 10 000NT$ for each such ad or posting to be removed by our webmaster. We reserve the right to check on anyone who posts on our website to see if their ad is confirm with their real intention. If we find out that postings where made to trick people by posting false ads or our email service was used in such way and there is legal offence involved as well, we'll file a legal suit with no hesitation and our demand for reimbursement for the damage done to our website Taiwan-taipei.com will be no less than 2 000 000NT$ in words no less than two million Taiwan Dollars. This will be the case for example if you run an unlisted agency hire illegal workers and refuse to pay them. We do not want these kind of activities on our website and we're ready to defend it.

Taiwan-taipei.com reserves the right to delete any postings or ads placed on our website and to withhold the reason for deletion.