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Hsin Dian, Taipei, Taiwan
Professional English Teacher seeks private students
Professional English Teacher

John A. Wagner

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Professional English Teacher seeks private students
Hello, my name is John Wagner. I'm a 32 year old man from Oregon, on the west coast of the United States. I am married, with two beautiful children. I am a permanent resident of Taiwan, and already hold an unconditional work permit in the form of a Taiwan ARC. I also speak Chinese at an intermediate level.
My undergraduate major was in the Performing Arts, and I was licenced to nurse from the Oregon State Board of Nursing for several years as well. I have over two years of practical experience in Taiwan teaching students aged 3 to 63 years old. I have experience teaching conversational English, speaking with idioms and metaphors, and essay writing.
I'm able to teach all levels of English, from casual to formal, and beginner to advanced. I will personally develop curricula depending on a student's level of fluency and personal needs. If I don't have a source/lesson book to use that suits the level of our sessions, I will find and purchase one free of charge. I will construct a student's study and reference sheets, and customize any testing materials if testing is desired. You will never leave a session of mine empty-handed (unless that's the way you like it).
The price for sessions negotiable, and variable depending on location, number and age of students, as well as frequency and the level of service desired. I'm easy going, reliable, and very open minded. Conversations in Science, Biology, Religion, Politics, or Sociology are welcomed and encouraged! To check for availability call; John at 0987-147-240. Or email me wagner.johna@yahoo.com
Thank you very much.
Happy studying!