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Experienced Canadian English Tutor Available
Canadian Native English Speaker - teaching and editing, very articulate with writing and editing, familar and experience with business English, legal jargon, MBA


Daniel Golub

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Experienced Canadian English Tutor Available
Hello, My name is Daniel. I am a 31 year old Canadian male that has been teaching English and working as an editor in Taiwan for more than 6 years. My experience teaching is very broad; I have experience teaching children, teens, and adults from beginner to more advanced levels. I also work part time as an editor at a Taipei based law firm so I am very articulate when it comes to editing work. I have also started a website that offers children English lessons online - www.englishquest.tw .

Education; I have a bachelor degree from the University of Manitoba with a double major; psychology/marketing - I have a TESOL certificate and I am currently registered in the IMBA program at NCKU but taking classes in Taipei. I can also speak Mandarin at an intermediate level.

I am available to teach as a tutor during lunch hours 11:30- 1:30 Tuesday - Friday and on Monday I am available from 9 am - 1pm.

If you are an adult and want to brush up on your conversation skills or learn business English for work, I can help you. I charge 800NT / hr for one student but can offer a discount for group classes.

email; daniel@englishquest.tw