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privacy policy - Taiwan-Taipei.com

Please reade the following through before using our website taiwan-taipei.com

Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on taiwan-taipei.com.
Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to our users based on their visit to taiwan-taipei.com and other sites on the Internet.
Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.

What are cookies?

A ¡§cookie¡¨ is a small text file containing a string of alphanumeric characters. There are two types of cookies: a persistent cookie and a session cookie. A persistent cookie gets entered by your Web browser into the cookie folder on your computer¡¦s hard drive. A persistent cookie remains in that cookie folder, which is maintained and governed by your Web browser, after you close your browser program. A session cookie is temporary and disappears after you close your browser. DoubleClick¡¦s ad-serving and paid search listing (¡§DART Search¡¨) products utilize the same cookie: the DART cookie. The DART cookie is a persistent cookie and consists of the name of the domain that set the cookie (¡§ad.doubleclick.net¡¨), the lifetime of the cookie, and a ¡§value.¡¨ DoubleClick¡¦s DART technology generates a unique series of characters for the ¡§value¡¨ portion of the cookie.
What is the DoubleClick cookie doing on my computer?

If you have a DoubleClick cookie in your Cookies folder, it is most likely a DART cookie. The DoubleClick DART cookie helps marketers learn how well their Internet advertising campaigns or paid search listings perform. Many marketers and Internet websites use DoubleClick¡¦s DART technology to deliver and serve their advertisements or manage their paid search listings. DoubleClick¡¦s DART products set or recognize a unique, persistent cookie when an ad is displayed or a paid listing is selected. The information that the DART cookie helps to give marketers includes the number of unique users their advertisements were displayed to, how many users clicked on their Internet ads or paid listings, and which ads or paid listings they clicked on.
Why does your cookie keep coming back after I delete it?

When you visit any website or search engine on which DoubleClick¡¦s DART technology is used, our servers will check to see if you already have a DART cookie. If the servers do not receive a DART cookie, the servers will try to set a cookie in response to your browser¡¦s ¡§request¡¨ to view that Web page. If you do not want a DART cookie with a unique value, you can obtain a DoubleClick DART ¡§opt out¡¨ cookie. Alternatively, you can adjust your Internet browser¡¦s settings for handling cookies. This is explained at doubleclick.com