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Li Zhi Bing Jia or Mr. Lee's Homemade Moon-cakes

One delicious item in Taiwan is the so called moon-cake (Yue Bing). Moon-cakes are eaten during the mid autumn festival. Li Zhi Bing Jia or Mr. Lee's Homemade Moon-cakes is one store in Taipei that produces these cakes the old way.

Located in Taipei, this shop offers many types of traditional Taiwanese pastry such as white bean paste, lotus seed cakes, green beans convex, egg yolk cakes, curry cakes, pineapple cakes, green bean cake, Engagement Wedding cake, moon cake .. and so on, Because all products in are made in the old traditional way, the cake have a limited timespan for consumption.


TEL:02-2537-2074 Address: 156 Linsen North Road, Taipei


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Li Zhi Bing Jia