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Taipei City Guide


Taipei City Guide

Dear Visitors

Our website is going to expand to a Taipei city portal. We want to provide a platform for all kinds of cultural and educational information about Taipei city. The information we want to provide ranges from restaurants which are interesting for foreigners. We will have a list of hotels and hostels that meet a teacher's monthly budget. A list of government recognized schools and educational programs providing visa extensions like Chinese studies, Tai-Chie/ Kong fu classes etc. Here is a list of categories we want to cover. 1: discos, night life, concerts and life events 2: private parties 3: restaurants, coffee shops 4: theaters, museums art exhibitions 5: learning programs such as Chinese, Chinese art, Sports etc. 6: Hotels and hostels 7: medical assistants 8: transportations 9: gymnasiums swim and other sports activities 10: guidance for travelers, site seeing 11: Taipei bookstores

Taipei nightlife

Nightclubs in Taipei are open till late night hours. We are constantly reviewing new pubs and bars to be added. We decided to visit every disco and pub before adding it into the Taipei nightlife guide. For our understanding this is the way to go in order to build a very comprehensive city guide for our visitors. The nightlife scene in Taipei is changing constantly and what yesterday seemed to be the craze may no longer exist today. Just take a look at the famous 45 cocktail launch in town once a thriving late night bar, now half of it has turned into a parking lot and at the next corner on Hoping road and Roosevelt road you've got the newest disco pub. Taipei city is as fast moving forward as any other city worldwide so we will add Taipei's evergreen nightclubs first and then move on to the hottest tips. If you know any pub, club, bar, disco, entertainment, deejays, party rooms, late night theatre or restaurant you think deserves to be mentioned than please let us know.

Taipei life concerts

Live events and musical performances rock, pop, hip hop, house, jazz, and classical music enjoy a great popularity in Taipei.

Taiwan travel guide

Traveling in Taiwan is becoming very popular and there are indeed many tourist attractions the island has to offer. Taiwan has a subtropical climate sunny and humid most of the year. It stays warm all year in the south. Taipei which is in the northern tip of the island, can have fresh winters with temperatures as low as 5 C

Hostels and cheap accommodations

Find cheap accommodations in the city .

Taipei dining

Find the best restaurant in Taipei. There are many excellent foreign cuisine restaurants in the city offering all types of international food. Taipei city tip reviews all restaurants in person and gets a taste of the food first. We'll give you tips on cheap hang out places for an afternoon teatime and where to find upscale dining restaurants in Taipei city.

Since we cover only a limited number of hotels on our website that are more suitable for young teachers, we encourage you to visit hotel deals in Taipei for more information about hotels with discount prices.

If you have any suggestions or you want your establishment to be added into our website feel free to contact us in Taipei David or Jennifer at 02 25411927 contact