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Taipei 101 Fireworks 2012
Happy New Year 2012!

Taipei 101 fireworks got quite lucky this year. All previous days were rainy for almost two month in a row. December 31st 2011 was not too cold and only had a little rain during the day. We got the right spot with a completely open view of Taipei 101. There was a slight breeze coming from behind us which blew the smoke that was generated by the fireworks behind the Taipei 101 building.













The lightning display lasted for about 3 to 4 minutes and was accompanied by another fireworks display.























The journey to Warner village was pretty smooth. Going back home (to Taipei main station area) was a disaster like every year. A few car-owners really don't get it. There are several hundred thousand scooters on the road and a few hundred cars are enough to block all the intersections since they cannot maneuver their vehicles safely in this chaos.

Photos by Chin Ling Tu