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Moving on to the medium spicy, the two other curries savored were the Mutton Vindaloo ($300nt not on the menu but can be ordered). This traditionally dish from Goa is an international favorite. Calcutta seems to have just the right mix of palm-vinegar and spice to make it work. After finishing the Vindaloo, it was time to dive in to what this reviewer considers the dish that puts Calcutta Indian Restaurant on the map –Murgh Lababdar ($270nt). Imagine tender pieces of dark meat chicken marinated in a rich creamy gravy for hours with just the right amount of oil to catch perfectly on a piece of nam and still give you that feeling of oil in the mouth and you have Calcutta’s great Murgh Lababd. It really shouldn’ be missed on any visit to this culinary gem of Xi Men Ding.

After enjoying the feast of curries, it was time to visit the tandor. Two of the best tandori dishes available at Calcutta are the Chicken Tandori and the Tandori Beef Kebab ($280nt). Being the Murgh Lababdar was just finished, the Beef Kabab was ordered. The large pieces of beef covered cooked slowly with the perfect yogurt spice made allowed this dish to be so tender that a knife was not necessary. The meat could be easily cut with a fork.

A perfect accompaniment to a meal at Calcutta is the Butter Nam ($60nt). This bread is just thick enough to absorb curry and the butter gives the curry a tad more oil that creates perfection. The only negative comment about the butter nam is that Calcutta uses sweet cream butter instead of salted butter. This takes away a bit salt that can even further enhance the great tastes from this restaurant. Another not so filling or fattening choice for a starch is the Yellow Rice ($35nt). It is long and not so moist making it perfect for absorbing thick robust curry.As for drinks, of course, nothing goes better with a nice curry than an ice cold beer. Calcutta formally offered the great Kingfisher beer; however, it has been taken off the menu. This reviewer recommends Tiger beer 330cl bottle ($100nt). This Singapore classic maintains that special full bodied Indian beer flavor that matches so well with curry.


Calcutta Indian Restaurant– 126 Kun Ming St.
(Wan Hua – Xi Men MRT Exit 6)
Xi Men Ding Taipei City
(02) 2389-3878
(Everyday from 11:30AM-2PM and 5PM-10PM)

Review written by Timothy Bullard, DMA
Photos by Dino Chung


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