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Alien Permanent Resident Certificate Application Procedure in Taiwan Visa applications for foreign spouses.

If you are married here in Taiwan as I am, you have to deal with the fact that your live basically stays and falls with your marriage for a long time. Being married here for more than ten years, I had another living in Taiwan lesson today. When my wife and I got married in 1999 the laws were different. First of all, I had to live here and work without a working permit for almost two years. Every six month I had to fly to Hong Kong to apply for a new visa. Then the laws changed and I could apply for a universal working permit and was allowed to take any employment a Taiwanese person with the same qualifications as mine was allowed to do.

My current ARC was due to expire within the next few weeks. We therefore called the immigration office and inquired about the possibility of applying for an indefinite right to stay here in Taiwan. That was six month ago. We were told that I could not apply because legally I have not been living here for ten years yet. How ever they figure this, I don't know. Anyway you can apply in July 2011 was the official answer, two month after my current ARC was due to expire.

To day at the visa office we asked one more time to give us the information for applying the Alien Permanent Resident Certificate Application Procedure. When I read this I almost lost my temper. To be eligible for an APRC, you must be and ARC holder for at least 5 consecutive years and have a physical present in the ROC for over 183 days each year. I am not only holding an ARC for more than five years, I am carrying it around with me where ever I work, because every school tells me they are expecting checkups and that I will be arrested and investigated based on my ethnic background. Blond hair, blue eyes, you are a suspect.

The question that went through my mind now was, were we misinformed? Now, it was too late to apply for the APRC instead of the ARC extension. The next thing pissing me of were the financial requirements. Financial Statement: applicants must submit an individual income tax statement or salary statement ( average monthly income within the past year must be over twice the minimum wage over NT$ 429,120 per year) or bank statement with a balance of NT$ 5 million or up, or proof of possession of real estate (APPRAISAL REPORT). (Valid for 1 month only) Next question going through my mind was, how to prove your income if all the people you work for do not want you to report your income. Easy to solve just fuck them is my thinking. I am still very angry about the way we have to live our lives here.

For two years they could deported any time. Then nobody has the guts to register my income because the ministry of education kept propagating the idea that we spouses were illegal workers. My house is not in my name because according to Shin YI real estate agency I could not buy a house in Taiwan.

All pissed off as I was, we came home and I called the immigration office again and asked for the APRC requirements for a foreign spouse living here legally for more than ten years. The answer was again that she needed my ARC number to tell me that because every case is an individual matter. Just getting more and more angry I asked her how this can be. What is the difference between one foreign spouse living here for 10 years and another spouse living here for 10 years. I got no answer for that. I inquired this again and again, finally trashing my phone in anger, with no answer. After reconnecting a new phone, my wife called again to find out. She has a higher EQ than me and is not affected by this inhumane treatment as much as I am. Being told to clime up a fire latter in case of a raid at work and bullshit like this for years. Being faced with losing everything I worked for in the event my wife and I do not get along anymore. Anyway the office lady told my wife now that I am in fact eligible for an APRC and that even though the house is in my wife's name it will still count as if it was mine. Should I believe that? I will still report all the money I made to the tax office and screw those people who have a problem with that. Alien Permanent Resident Certificate Application Procedure


Just FYI.. it's not true about foreign spouse owning house - you can sure co-own the house by having the house registered in both your names, it just take a little more work for the agent and time to process the paperwork. I just had SinYi did it last year Mar2013 with husband. So go for it. But I have to agree the foreign residence application here sucks and really inefficient!!
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@yikes Where do you see any spelling error? I don't.
I know things are sometimes frustrating here but you are making a choice to live here. If you don't like it, you are free to leave. I really hope that you are not teaching English because your grammar, sentence structure, and spelling are horrible. Just my two cents

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