Bilingual Private Academy Needs 2 Kindergarten Program Teachers.
IMMEDIATE project opening, FULL TIME!

Location: Jubei City, Hsinchu County Job Code: [302KNKF0000]
Hsinchu area: Bilingual Private Academy Needs 2 Kindergarten Program Teachers. Teachers who are passionate for educating young children (K1-K3). Great environment. Many of our teachers recommend it! Benefits:
1. Time Table: Mon. - Fri. 8a.m. to 5 p.m. (Teaching and Office Hrs). 2. Class size: Max 20 per class, with Chinese teacher assistant. 3.PAID National Holidays. 4. Salary: 65000-70000/month (based on experience). 5. Bonus: Performance, Contract Completion Bonus. 6. Housing: Reduced dormitory rental available for 6600NT/month (furnished single suite, amenities-provided, close to school campus). 7. ARC, Work Permit, National Health & Labor Insurances sponsored by the School. 8. Curriculum: Fun, subject-based, allowing you creativity to teach the material for your students. 9. English-speaking management for assistance. Over 15 foreign teachers on board at this location, so you know you will have plenty of support! Female with education experience/background/credential preferred.

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ACI would love to assist you in finding something suitable within Taiwan. We treat our teachers with honesty and respect, and we never pressure a teacher into a project that he/she is not comfortable with!

To apply, you will need to first register online with us. Please go to this link: , and follow the instructions on the page. After you have registered, let us know what projects you are seeking so that we can arrange interviews for you ASAP!
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