Credentialed Teachers Needed, Taipei City Private School K-12. Very Challenging, Teaching the Brightest Students in Taiwan!
Credentialed Teachers Needed, Taipei City Private School K-12. Very Challenging, Teaching the Brightest Students in Taiwan!

One of Taiwan’s top private schools seeks several teachers for upcoming school year.

Available positions:

Elementary classroom teachers (homeroom teachers)
Elementary school English and Science teachers
Secondary school English, Social Studies (History, Geography), Science (Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry) teachers

Job Description:

8 hours/day (8:00am-5:00pm), 1-hour lunch (12:00pm to 1:00pm), M-F.
20-22 teaching periods per week. (Each teaching period is 40 to 45 minutes.) About 20 periods of preparation time per week.
Other extra duties:
1. Teachers will assist in any subject-related activities at school or major school events, during some weekdays and/or weekends.
2. Teachers will assist in preparation for any English-related materials, such as listening test recordings, Story Time at English Library, etc.

11-month contract starting from August 1st (or later starting date) to June 30th of the following year.
Monthly salary: depend on educational background and teaching experiences. NTD $70,890 for the 1st year teacher with a bachelor’s degree or NTD $77,925 for the 1st year teacher with a master’s degree. Every year there is an annual salary increase of 3%.
Free furnished shared apartment for single teachers near the campus. Utility not included (electricity, water, gas, phone bills, Internet access and apartment management fee)
National health insurance sponsored by School
Free of charge assistance in applying for government documents such as working permit and Alien Residence Card.
NT $50,000 round-trip ticket for the 1st year teacher

One to two week long vacation during Chinese New Year  

School Intro:

Students’ age: K-12
Two academic systems in the school: 1. Bilingual program, 2. Regular Taiwan curriculum system
Bilingual curriculum system, we teach Chinese and Math according to Taiwan government-approved curriculum, while English, Social Studies and Science follow California curriculum standards.
In the Taiwan curriculum system, we offer government-approved English curriculum, mainly taught by Chinese English teachers. Foreign teachers tell stories, teach phonics in Elementary school (K-G4), and teach interest group classes from G5-G11.

Class size:
1. Kindergarten: 27 students / class (tell stories, teach phonics)
2. Grade 1 to grade 4: 42-43 students / class (tell stories, teach phonics, co-teach with a Chinese English teacher.)
3. Grade 5 to grade 11 (Interest Groups): 20-25 students / class. Class topics are according to teachers’ individual interests and have included topics such as novel, drama, music, movies, mythology, traveling, sci-fi, math fun, etc.)
4. Bilingual grade 1 to grade 5: 30 students / class (teach Reading, Spelling, Science)
5. Bilingual grade 7 to grade 11: 25-45 students / class (teach English, Geography, History, Life Science, Physical Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
Every classroom is equipped with a computer, a LCD projector, a projector screen and Internet access.


Elementary school teachers: government-issued teaching certificate in his/her home country in elementary education and be able to teach all subjects.
Secondary school teachers: government-issued teaching certificate in his/her home country in subject to be taught. Teachers with dual majors in two secondary subjects or a major with strong minor are highly preferred.
TESOL or TEFOL certificates: NOT applicable.
Elementary classroom teachers (homeroom teachers) need to be fluent in both English and Chinese. He/she should be able to read and write basic-level Chinese.
At least one year of successful full-time experience at an accredited elementary or secondary school is preferred.

How to Apply:

1. First register online with us ( ).
2. After you have registered you can apply for all the jobs on the job list
( )

*When you send your docs, let us know you are interested in Job Code [106FSSF0000]

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