PLease hire as an ESL teacher
Cover letter/resume Hello my name is Cheyenne chen, I am interested in this job which is teaching English! I am 22 year old turning 23 march 10. I am smart, patient, caring, friendly, fun, creative and a responsible girl. I have been surrounded by kids all my life since I was young whether its my sisters or kids I have taken care of since I was 14. I am not going to talk about my experience since this I will give you my resume after this letter. I will only talk about me! I am the smartest girl in the world, but who is perfect. How am I different? Why should you hire me? Well, unlike most workers around the world, money is not the most important thing to me, since I work with patient at the hospitals, I treat them as my friends whether as patient. They make happy because they are always so positive, being around them makes me care less bout my pay check, I care more about their feelings, how their day was and all I want is to make them happy? Because making people happy is what I do? So what does this have to do with teaching? It has everything to do with teaching kids? Kids enjoy being with me because I am positive and fun and will make learning enjoyable. I am student, and to be honest I hate sitting at lectures listening to a boring teaching talking for two hour straight and it makes me not want to learn. For me if I was to teach, I will find a way for students to love learning, I want it to be fun an d enjoyable and at the same time gain so much knowledge. This is how you make money right? You make more money on a beautiful creative product over a dull product. I am full of energy and positively. I will make my customers, employees, friends to come back for me. No one will ever get bored of me. As long as you love your job than the job will never be miserable. For me… all I care is to make someone smile and help them grow the person they will be. So give me a chance, skype with me, talk to me, email me and just get to know me before you hire another boring teacher and regret it. P.S I only have an associate degree under math and science because I was doing nursing for a while but decided to take a different route. I know most teaching program require experience and a bachelors degree. But why don’t you give me the first experience of my life of teaching abroad? Someone has to start somewhere before they can somebody right? Prefer working in shang hai or near that are. Prefer working with preschool up to first graders! Here is a youtube self introduction! 3 mins! Cheyenne Chen Shelton, Connecticut Cell: 203-581-3075 House- 203-225-0786 Email- birthday: march 10 1991 skype: cheyenne8168 Objectives: MARKETING ASSOCIATE/CUSTOMER SERVICE Strategic Planning/Marketing Research/Business Development Education Housatonic Community College (2009- Present) Subjects Studied: General Psychology, Child Psychology & Development, Intro to Biology, Trigonometry, Intermediate Algebra, Literature & Composition, Sociology, Public speaking, Concepts of Chemistry, Art History, World Religion Shelton High School: Graduated 2009 Experiences Current: • Griffin Hospital: Present – Nov 2012 -Guest representative – Receptionist- -Runner – -newborns Baby dinner celebrations! • Patient support and communication, Nurse Assistance, Update patient inquiry Past: • Bridgeport Hospital: 2012 – 2011 (unit support) in the O.R • Patient transfer (Hospital) • Runner (Hospital) • Vector Tele Marketing: Receptionist • Yale Chinese School: 2007 - 2009 Assist teaching mandarin Hobby * Music * Writing * Communicating with people * Photography * Fashion industry * Helping people and the community, love to volunteer Reference: Griffin Hospital Rohan/Supervisor/: 203-526-8292 Stephanie Moreira/nurse/employee: 203-954-2765 Bridgeport Hospital Derek/ patient care/ supervisor/: 203-243-7881 English Professor in college (203) 332-5019 Janet/ Please continue to read below: Profile I am a hardworking student who will be graduating in the spring, under an associate’s degree at Housatonic community college. I have joined in a lot of clubs like the performance arts club, Italian club, music club, concert choir, International club, Poetry club, Psychology club, Renaissance club, Mang Jong club. I am a Chinese American girl, who speaks Mandarin fluently and I also believe that being Chinese American give me the advantage of knowing both oriental and western culture. I was a student teacher at Yale University Chinese school for about a year! I have been in surrounding by kids since I was a young whether it was my sisters or kids I took care of. I am very patient and caring and full of happiness. PLEASE GIVE ME A CHANCE AND JUST INTERVIEW ME through sky ping, I really want to try teaching English abroad because I think it will be a great opportunity. Skype with me for one day and you will hire me! I have a great personality and I am very friendly! I am also a senator at my school, and I help out with a lot of activities at my college. I have babysat many kids in my life. I entertain them, teach them schoolwork, take care of them and am responsible with them. I have worked in a sales environment before. I used to work at a company called Vector, which sells cutleries. I was a receptionist and I had to schedule interview appointment with people. To make people to come for an interview I would give them the benefits of our company and our products. I am currently volunteering in Bridgeport Hospital in the O.R with the unit support. Basically what I did was, I helped prep the surgery room, and made sure everything was clean and ready for the surgeries. It is my duties to maintain the rooms in a neat, orderly, and sanitary condition. I was also the runner where I had pick up what is needed back and forth to the O.R whether it is paperwork, supplies, instruments, blood or anything that is needed for the employees. I also transfer patients to where they need to be whether it is the E.R, O.R, the floors, or to the hospital exits if they are getting discharge. (January 2013) As for right now I work at Griffin Hospital, in the dining services. I am mostly a Guest representative, like waitressing for the patients and bringing in their daily food. It is my job to know a little but about the patient’s diets such as heart healthy, diabetic, low fiber, clear liquids and etc.…As a guest representative, I have to make sure that the patients receives their food tray according to their diet. It is important for our patients to eat healthy and happy. I also am a receptionist in the dining service department so therefore I carry a portable phone with me everyone so I can be reached by anyone who needs a customer service for dining service. I take in calls from patients, nurses, and doctors, and so on to satisfy everyone’s needs. I also set up our baby celebration dinner for our patients in the childbirth center and make sure everything looks fancy and special for it is a celebration for a newborn baby. I really like this job because it helps me to interact with patients, nurses, doctors and all the other coworkers that work in the hospital. It is a good experience for me also. Making a sale is not just about selling products but taking care of what customers' needs. Greeting, undivided attention, empowering, satisfaction and taking ownership are the ingredients to be a successful sales person, which are the ways I serve my previous employers. From company receptionist, babysitting my neighbors' children and pets, volunteering and working in hospitals, as school Senator and clubs, I thoroughly apply the above criteria to my jobs. Most of all, I like to learn every day and would share to the people around me. Trying to get hired for a job is a sale, trying to get members into the clubs is a sale, getting customers to buy my products is a sale, and having your neighbors paying you to babysit their children and pets is a sale too. Everything I do is in a sale environment. If I could focus only on one thing in my job I enjoy the most, I would focus on listening what my customers' needs and provide them the best services I could afford. I would enhance my product knowledge to achieve my customer's satisfaction, making my customers smile and succeeding selling our products. Not everyone can go through a day without being angry, frustrating or sad. I can! I can go through a whole day with a smile on my bright face and a happy personality. I am very good at communicating with people by listening to them and by understanding their body language.
cheyenne chen
Connecticut, USA
i can teach, i have done patient care, child care, i am friendly and patient and responsible. I have great communication.
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