2016/2017 Tonys Soccer School Amateur/Pro Football Trials Academy Registration Open now
Tonys Soccer School Amateur/Pro Football Trials Academy registered with all club managements at South Africa and European countries from their Premier Soccer Leagues to the last division and we have football academies in these countries to train, provide and negotiate on behalf of professional and amateur football players to all the clubs we are registered and affiliated with. We are authorized by the club managements to register and provide good amateur footballers of all different foot and positions to participate the ongoing open football trials starting these February, 2016 to 2017 taking place at South Africa and European countries Tonys Soccer School Amateur/Pro Football Trials Academy is responsible of all required visa documents of South Africa and European countries except international passport, Air tickets, Accommodations on arrival, transportation and feeding of players confirmed registered or applied with us for the football trial The football player receives daily salary of US$2,500.00 during football trial while the monthly salary, match ,housing, car allowance, medical insurance will depends on the club signing the player on contract Note: On completion of the seven days open football trial all the club managers will proceed on selection of players that satisfied their needs and we commence contract signing on behalf of the players with the club managers Our registration fee is US$500; any interested player should visit our website below for selection of club interest for the football trial, for registration form to be forwarded and payment details, please contact our Registrar below with the email address or telephone number for updating Contact Tonys Soccer School Amatuer/Pro Football Trials Academy Registrar Tony Miguel Tel:+2711 440 3228 Tel:+27629328984 EFax : +2786 219 8142 Mailto:registrer@gmail.co.za Facebook email: tony.miguel.393@facebook.com Website: www.tonys-soccer-school.net Physical Address: No 1 Verginia Avenue Cnr 15th Street, Marlboro Sandton 2196 South Africa
South Africa
Tonys Soccer School Amateur/Pro Football Trials Academy
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