Private French Teacher
My name is Perrine. I am an experienced French and English teacher in Taipei. I have been teaching French and English for several years in Europe and in Taipei now. I work as an independent French tutor. I can teach French and English to all ages. All levels. Starts from 800 to 1500 NT$ per hour! Best rate and long-term commitment guaranteed. I now work with several reliable teachers in Taipei, so it is possible that I will introduce you to one of them if my availabilities do not match yours. You can contact us at or directly through this international WhatsApp number at +852 6452 2349 with your name, your preferred location and availabilities in order to get the best rate for private French or English lesson for you or for your kids. LINE: tutoroo. 你好! 我叫 Perrine ,我是个有语言教学经验的老师,主要教英语和法语,目前在台北工作。有 过多年的欧洲及台北从教经历。 目前是个自由教师,可以教授所有年龄段,所有级别水平的英语和法语课程。收费标准从 800 到 1500 新台币每小时不等。最优的价格!最有保障的教学!长期有效。 目前我跟其他几个外教一起在台北工作,如果我的条件不适合您的要求,我可以介绍其他不同 教师给您。如果您感兴趣,可以发邮件到 咨询,也可以通过 WhatsApp 添 加 +852 6452 2349 咨询详情。添加时请附上您的名字,您理想的上课地点和时间,以便我们给 您或者您的孩子安排最佳的课程,并给您最优的价格。
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