I am looking for a kindergarten job in the morning
I am looking for a kindergarten job in the morning, preferably, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.

I have been teaching kindergarten kids for many years before and enjoyed it quite a lot. After working for a high school for several years, I kind of got dropped out of this.

I am currently working with elementary school aged children in the afternoon but do not find it very fulfilling. I married in Taiwan. Early in my stay here, I applied for and received an open-ended residence visa. Therefore there is no need applying an ARC for me. I speak Chinese fluently but with a limited vocabulary for never having made a serious study of it.

If you have something available or know someone who does, give me a call at 0966021984.

Uwe Gross
Taipei city
Teaching English in Taiwan to kindergarteners
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