Sanchong area: need a pt teacher ASAP.
Asian Consultants International Brings You Many Terrific Positions to Choose from! Contact Us for MORE!!

Looking for a good job from a recruiter you can count on? Ask Asian Consultants International! We never pressure a teacher into a job that he/she is not comfortable with! Please look here for a great job:

Location: Sanchong District Job Code: [241GECP0726] Very reputable branch of chain school in Taipei County urgently seeking experienced teacher! Working hours: MThF 920-1140am/2-4pm, TuW 920-1140am. Perfect job to compliment your afternoon buxiban! Students’ age: K2 and K3. Hourly pay: 600-650NT/hr. 16hrs/wk. Additional paid office hrs: 2/wk. Attendance bonus: 2000NT/mon. Contract completion bonus: 10000NT. Great feedback from our teachers who were placed there before! APRC candidates preferred, but all are welcome to apply. Location: Erchong/Sanchong, reachable by bus from Ximen. Those with drama or graduation show preferred. August start.

There are jobs like this one, plus more (don’t worry, whether you are first-time or experienced teachers, there are plenty of jobs for you. Simply check out our online job list at

You can reach us by calling 02 2764 5784, if you are in Taiwan, or apply online (see info below). We would love to assist you in finding something suitable within Taiwan.

To apply, please go to this link:

You will find all the information you need in order to apply for a position through ACI on the webpage. Also, look around the site and discover tons of info on Taiwan that no one else ever tells you about!


Asian Consultants International Email: Tel: +886 2 2764 5784
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