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作業更改 Correctional Instructor Available 如你對英文寫作對以下有問題時 Do you have problems writing your…  作文essays  論文thesis  學術演講dissertations  寫作構成compositions  文章articles  提案proposals  報告projects  故事stories  大學/員工申請信件university/employment application letters 我可以幫助你使你的成績進步或是使你的上司印象深刻,而且只是一封Email的距離,最低價錢一個字只要NT$0.55元,你就會看到明顯的改善! Well, I’m here to help you to improve your grades, or impress your boss, and it’s only an Email away, and at a minimum cost of only NT$0.55 dollars per word 字數越多越便宜The more words you write the lower the cost  500字或以下 : 一個字0.8元 500 words or under: 0.8 dollars per word  600字 : 一個字0.75元 600 words: 0.75 dollars per word  700字 : 一個字0.7元 700 words: 0.7 dollars per word  800字 : 一個字0.65元 800 words: 0.65 dollars per word  900字 : 一個字0.6元 900 words: 0.6 dollars per word 1000字或以上:一個字0.55 元  1,000 words or more only 0.55 dollars per word 第一次還享有前100字免費的優惠喔! And the first 100 words are free for a first timer! 所以不要再猶豫今天馬上打給你專屬的作業更改師 So don’t delay and call today for your very own correctional instructor 更多資訊 (中文或英文) 可以寄Email到 或撥打0919951795詢問 To start your helpline please write to or call 0919951795 where you will receive directions (in Chinese or English) on how to proceed. 很期待可以幫助你使你成為最棒的! Looking forward to helping you become the best you can be!
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