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BiFuLuDou means (Fu Lu will fight). These Chinese words sound a bit like the English word Beef-noodles.

BiFuLuDou is a 6 star beef-noodle shop. The interior consists of a high standard German kitchen and beverage equipment.The noodles are made in a traditional fashion which has not been changed for over fifty years.

The handmade dumplings which are mede with 100% shougan skin had been sold with more than 100,000 pieces and 12000 bolls in a day.BiFuLuDo beef-noodles passed the SGS and HACCP food safety management certification. If you want to enjoy a healthy meal of beef-noodles in Taipei city this is a good choice.

The food at BiFuLuDo is divided into six categories, first is the handmade noodles, second are the dumplings, third is soups, forth is fried foods, fifth are the cold dishes and the sixth categories are the beverages.

BiFuLuDo noodles offers a vegetarian type of dumplings. Their vegetarian mushroom dumpling have gained a lot of recognition here in Taipei. We ordered a couple of dishes and decided to take a big bag of those delicious vegetarian noodles home. All items at this restaurant can be bought there deep-frozen or ordered through the INTERNET.The restaurant has wireless Internet available also.


Taipei City, ZhonShan district, Nong An street N.2-3Tel: 02-2598-8878

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