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Taipei dining


Taipei dining is in world perspective rich in international diversity. You can find every imaginable cuisine just around from where you live.

Taiwan locals mostly provide the service and restaurant management for foreign cuisine dining places. How they keep up with offering original international food is amazing. While most of Italian restaurants in other parts of the world are owned and managed by Italian immigrants in Taipei for example many pizza restaurant offering original Italian food like pizza and spaghetti noodles are Taipei people owned restaurants. But this doesn't mean your dining experience has to be of a less quality and comfort.

The most common places for outdoor dining in Taipei are found at Taipei's famous night markets. There you can find anything from a simple running kitchen to indoor dining rooms. Or you can visit Wulai Taipei or Peitou for hot spring and then visit one of the restaurants there for a romantic dining experience. You can stay many hotels if you do not feel like taking the journey back to the city at late hours after midnight. Another famous destination is Tamshui Taipei near the beach. This night market has many indoor and outdoor dining places. From there a boat can take you across the Tamshui Taipei river and you'll find some of Taipei's most original seafood restaurants there. Other important places to visit in Taipei are Yang min mountain (Yangmingshan), Shi ling night marked, Shi-Men-Ding (Xi Men Ding), Xin Yi district with Warner village, Tien Mu and the Taipei 101 building. Free Taipei tourism maps are available at the tourism bureau in Taipei train station.

If you are more into eating non-local Taiwanese food we recommend you to go to a Taipei hotel for fine dining or come back to this page, we are going to find Taipei's best restaurants for you and list them into the Taipei tip section.

There are too many fine dining restaurants, which we have to see first before publishing them in our Taipei nightlife guide pages. Therefore, we will be a little slow giving you the very best and accurate tips.

While talking about tips, one difference between American dining, European Dining, and Taiwan dining is that you do not necessarily have to tip the waiter in Taiwan. There is no costume for giving a tip here. This is especially the case for casual dining places though some high-class restaurants will include a service charge on the check (bill) Please tip the waiter anyway. It does not need to be the 10-15% tip as it is in American restaurants. In Europe a waiter's tip will vary from 6% in German restaurants to 8% in English restaurants and 0% in Spain. It is up to you how much tip you want to give a waiter/waitress in Taipei.

If you like, Japanese foods there are a number of Japanese restaurant in Taipei serving from Sushi bar to seafood fine dine.

Other popular places in Taipei are these so-called coffee house restaurant shops which are in between coffee shop and restaurant

Many places are open for late night dining so you can go first to one of Taipei's nightclubs and have a decent meal in between.








Our list
We have categorized by country recommendable restaurants and dining places in Taipei. We will add more places after we have reviewed them in person. Please contact us in Taipei for consideration. You can find our contact information for the Taipei dining and restaurant review section at the bottom of this page.

Restaurant coffee shops

Taipei Dexter cafe is located near Taipei domestic Airport. The closes M.R.T. station is Chungshan Middle School station.

Cafe Dexter fell victim to a big chain coffee shop that opened on the street corner right in front of it. In case you came her to commemorate some good times you had in this place, I will leave the page up.


Dexter cafe





Minchuan east road section 3 Nr.20 Tel: 2369-3785

One of Taipei's high standard cafe restaurants near Shida night market Cafe I Swear





Roosevelt Road section 3 lane 283 Nr.3 Telephone 2363-2011


A great student cafe in the city Two Fish Cafe






Shida Road lane 9 Taipei Tel: 2362-3271 or 2363-3546



American restaurants


Brazilian restaurant


Cajun restaurant Cajun style food


Chinese food


French restaurant French cuisine

French restaurant in Taipei Le Jardin is managed by a foreigner from France.

Le Jardin




Address: 1/F 170, Jong Cherng Road, Section2, Tien-Mou Taipei (02) 2877-1178

German restaurants

Taipei's Black forest cafe restaurant (Schwarzwald) has a great verity of traditional German food. Near Taipei National University and Gung Guan MRT station

Schwarzwald Black forest




20 Wenchou stree, Taipei city tel: 02 2369-3785

Uli's restaurant is one of the original German dining places in Taipei. Established more than 17 years ago Uli has become a German legend in the City.

Uli's Restaurant




Ke-Chan Street NR.17 Tel: 02-2831-2741

Greek restaurant

Greek restaurant in Taipei city Shida night market area.





No.5, Lane 59, Shida. RD.,Taipei City
Tel : 02-2366-0583

Hong Kong food

Hong Kong restaurant near Sogo department store in Taipei.

Michael's Hong Kong Kitchen




Address: 190 Dun Hua South Road, Section 1, Lane 19
Tel: (02) 2778-6466

Indian restaurant

Very high standard of  authentic Indian dishes in the Xi men Ding area in Taipei.

Calcutta Indian Restaurant





126 Kun Ming St. (Wan Hua - Xi Men MRT Exit 6)Xi Men Ding Taipei City (02) 2389-3878

Irish pubs


Italian restaurants


Indonesian cuisine


Japanese food and Sushi bars


Korean restaurant


Malaysian restaurants


Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean restaurant in Taipei City close to Shida university.





No.5, Lane 59, Shida. RD.,Taipei City
Tel : 02-2366-0583

Mexican restaurants

Original Mexican Food in Taipei near (NTU) National Taiwan University

Tequila Sunrise




No. 42, Xin Sheng South Road sec. 3, Taipei Tel: (02) 2362-7563

Spanish restaurant


Taiwanese local food

A Taiwanese restaurant that serves delicious noodles in the Ximen Ding district in Taipei city.

Hai Tian Dumplings





He Ping W. Road Sec. 3, No.166. (Wan Hua-Long Shan Temple MRT) Taipei City (02) 2306-2385 (7days a week 7:30AM to 9:00PM)

This restaurant serves dumplings in the ZhongShan district.






Taipei City, ZhongShan district, Nong An street No. 2-3 , Tel: (02) 2598-8878

Vietnamese restaurant


International cuisine