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Taipei hotel and hostel guide

To find the right accommodation in Taipei city refer to our city guide! All hotels and hostels promoted on this website were visited by us. We will have more hotels and hostels for Taipei as time passes by. If this is your first time you travel to Asia we recommend you renting a cheap hotel room first and than search for a cheap hostel that suits your expectations. There are many more available budget accommodations in the city than we can show you. We'll have to see them first before showing them to you.

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To the hotel and hostel managements

If you came across this page and you are reading this, you may consider contacting us and getting your hotel listed. Call us to make an appointment where we can see the hotel lobby and rooms. You may give us the permission to take pictures and to display your hotel and hostel information on our website. This is a breathtaking slow way of doing things, but we are optimistic that it will prove more valuable for the backpackers and business travelers coming

Should you get listed in this hotel and hostel guide?

Straight forward, Yes!

We review your place first before adding it into our Taipei guide. That means, if you are listed here and we publish our review on your facilities than we will provide an accurate description on your services. Taipei's visitors will be much more likely to become one of your hotel guests when they know what to expect. We'll reserve a whole webpage for your hotel or hostel and provide our visitors with a direct link to your websites reservation info page. We won't write any negative reviews about your hostel. If we don't like what we see your place simply won't be added at all. We appreciate if you could write your own review providing all information. This way we can come by one day and publish your details the day following.

Are there any other websites providing detailed information on Taipei's hostels?

Yes! there are many websites where you can search for hotel rooms and hostels in Taipei and Taiwan. But we are not certain of any really reviewing them first. Many city guides let you search a long list with hotels and hostels plus directions. One establishment we visited and was found not suitable for advertising it is on almost all the other websites, so we guess.... or you guess.

How much will it cost to be listed?

The first twenty hotels and hostels will be added for free. Other businesses such as restaurants bars and theatres will be added for free as well. If your business is small but it's a real Taipei insider tip we'll add you for free. But we won't deny any financial support either. We want to create a city tip for insider and not become one of those mega commercial tourism bureaus. So we are very pleased to add places in here that are an alternative to what the usual tourist is doing. Taipei city tip's intention is to be a travel and live in Taipei guide. One more time, will you have to pay for being listed? If your first name starts with an M and your last name with a D and  ends with a D than you'll have to pay of course because in this case we are probably advertising a big brand name and there is no way we'll do that for free. One thing is telling people where to find a hostel and a restaurant and the other is to promote the world's biggest hotel name or fast-food chain.


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