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Lounge Bar in Taipei city









B1 is one of Taipei's nightclubs that gets really started in the early morning hours. After visiting club 45 and warming up in some nearby discos B1 is the ultimate nightlife destination in Taipei. If you are on Shida road turn left on Heping East Road and turn right at the next traffic light into Jinshan south road. You will see B1 lounge bar after about a fife minutes walk on your right hand side. B1 is located off Jinshan south road on Aiguo East Road Nr 71. If you are coming from Guting MRT station you'll have to walk Heping east road section 1 and turn left after a three minutes walk into Jinshan south road Club 45 lies on its way. B1 usually is packed with young students since it is located near Taipei's main student's area. A taxi should get you there for about 70NT$ from both starting points. B1 lounge bar used to play heavy metal and hard rock most of the times. However since it has been modernized Pop, hip-hop, house music, rap, disco, new age, and soul are new tunes B1's DJ is putting on. Don't forget to bring your ID card. Showing your ID is obligatory to be eligible entrance in Taipei's nightclubs. The minimum age required for entering bars and pubs in Taipei is 18 Years. This is three years less than in California USA.


B1 Lounge Bar's weekly schedule

Monday 10:00p.m.-03:00a.m. men 500NT$ women 100NT$


men 400NT$ women 400NT$
Wednesday 09:00p.m.-04:30a.m. men 500NT$ women 100NT$
Thursday 10:00p.m.-03:00a.m. men 400NT$ women 400NT$
Friday 09:00p.m.-04:30a.m. men 500NT$ women 350NT$
Saturday 09:00p.m.-04:30a.m. men 500NT$ women 500NT$
Sunday 10:00p.m. -3:00a.m. student 250NT$ else 400NT$


B1 usually gets very crowded after midnight and people keep dancing till the early morning hours. It's a little smoky but clean and freshly renovated. Most visitors are somewhat between 18 and 35 years old. It's a hang out for young people who don't want to go to sleep.




Address: B1 No 71 Ai-Guo East Road Taipei
Tel: (02) 2397-0506 or 0938-079-907