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Travel Agencies in Taipei

If you came to Taiwan to study at a buxiban you might be forced to leave the Island after some time and get your visa renewed somewhere abroad. There are different destinations you can go to with different advantages.

To apply for a new visa you can fly to Hong Kong and stay there overnight. Better, you take a whole weekend off and have a shopping trip in Hong Kong. If you are on a multiple entry visa, you might want to fly somewhere very cheap and come back the same day. Many travel agencies in Taipei offer special group tickets. These tickets are very cheap and can be as low as 4500NT$ for a roundtrip. The prices can vary a lot from one agency to another. You can sit on an airplane and the person next to you paid far less than you did. So check the prices and conditions before booking a flight.

If you have to apply for a visa before coming back to Taiwan make sure you have a changeable ticket where you can change the date you want to come back. Also prepare all the papers before leaving Taipei and have them with you. The rules for visa applications change constantly. Inform yourself and make sure you got everything you need. To be save take enough cash with you.

It used to be a rule for the Taiwan office in Hong Kong that you need a purpose for being in Taiwan to apply a Taiwan visitor visa successfully. Such purpose could be a registration certificate for a government recognized language school. So it is not enough to just tell them you want to study Chinese you must have the papers to prove it. In other words, first pay the language school for at least two month in advance, get the school to certify this on paper and bring those papers with you when you fly to Hong Kong. You also will need a copy of your passport, passport pictures, a ticket leaving Taiwan and eventually an address where you are staying in Taiwan. Always make sure what the requirements are at the time you want to apply because they are changing constantly. Below we have a list of travel agencies in Taipei.

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List of travel agencies in Taipei


Partake Travel Service

Address Partake Travel Service 1F, No. 12, Alley 15, Lane 175 Ho Ping East Road, Section 2 Taipei

MRT: Brown Line Technology Building Station

Reservations enquiry@partake.com.tw

Tel.: (02) 27095353

Fax: (02) 27096565

Contact Person Leo Chou Ming
Personnel ad One of the most experienced in Taiwan!

Contact us for travels;
* Business, home leave, round-the-world,
* Leisure, visa run, package

Special Roundtrip Airfares

HKG Fares

Dragon Air:

TWD 6,300 (any flight after3:00pm)

TWD 7,300 (any flight after 12:00pm noon)

TWD 8,400 (any flight)

Cathay Pacific:

TWD 6,300 (any flight after3:00pm)

TWD 7,300 (any flight after 12:00pm noon)

TWD 8,400 (any flight)

China Airlines:

TWD 6,200 (any flight after 2:30pm)

TWD 7,300 (any flight after 11:00am)

TWD 8,300 (any flight)

EVA Air:

TWD 6,300 (any flight after 4:00pm)

TWD 7,300 (any flight after 11:00am)

TWD 8,400 (any flight)

Above rates: Are only a sample taken from last summer and do change on a day to day basis.

Please, call Leo for current prices.

Airport taxes and fuel surcharge are not included

*Please direct inquiries in English to Leo only.*
Leo Tel.: (02) 27095353
Please contact our webmaster if you have any commends. taiwan-taipei.com Tel: 886 02 25411927