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Tequila Sunrise
Mexican restaurant in Taipei

Tequila Sunrise is an upscale Mexican restaurant in Taipei city located across from National Taiwan University (NTU). It's location is very convenient for everyone getting around by bus. The bus stops are right in front of the entrance with busses going into all directions around Taipei city. The food is variable from mild to very hot and spicy. The service is prompt, clean and friendly in a natural way.









Tequila Sunrise's internal and external design provides a very authentically Mexican flair and the menu comes nothing short of what a Mexican restaurant in Mexico city would be.
With several churches of all religions nearby it is good way of celebrating multicultural lifestyles in Taipei.







The dining area is very rustically Mexican with a wooden ceiling. Most tables are laid out for a set of two, romantic dining is what comes into mind first. Perhaps a good place to go on Valentines. Even in daytime the restaurants internal provides a romantic light and play of shadows on the for Mexican restaurants so typical white walls.



The first floor provides a nicely decorated dining room in the back.

The liquor bar is filled decently with Mexican originals.

Stairway view from the upper dining area.



The exit and the staircase to the upper floor.

Tequila Sunrise's Menu

Chefs Specials

Combo Mini Chimichanga: Taco beef & Sour spicy chicken & Curry pork & Nopales NT$ 150
Nopalitos Soup mixed with vegetables: NT$ 120
Lamb Shanks in Red Wine: NT$ 290
Nopalitos Shrimp Spaghetti: NT$ 250
Burrito (Nogales with cheese & Kimchi-beef): NT$ 280
Smoked Chicken / Shrimp Quesadilla: NT$ 300
Sausage / Green Chilly Quesadilla: NT$ 300
10% service charge not included

Mexican Munchies

Botana Platter: A Sampling of Tequila Sunrise's finest beef quesadillas, Nachos and Chicken Flautitas, Mini Tostadas & Mexi-Wings. served with Guacamole, Sour Cream and Salsa. NT$ 380
Beef Nachos: A mound of fresh Corn Tortilla Chips loaded wit Cheese Fresh diced Tomatoes, Onions, Black Olives, Jalapeños, Chilies with Salsa. NT$ 200
Chicken Nachos: NT$ 200
Beef Nachos: NT$ 200
Beef Quesadilla: NT$ 220
Chicken Quesadilla: NT$ 220
Cheese Quesadilla: NT$ 220
Mexican Fried Mushrooms: NT$ 180
Mexi-Wings: NT$ 180
Chips & Fried Beans: NT$ 170
Chili con Carne: NT$ 210
Deep Fried Calamari: NT$ 180


Beef Taco Salad: NT$ 200
Chicken Taco Salad: NT$ 190
Cheese Taco Salad: NT$ 190
Beef Chalupa Salad: NT$ 210
Chicken Chalupa Salad: NT$ 210
Shrimp Chalupa Salad: NT$ 220
Combo Chalupa Salad: NT$ 230
Salmon Roll: NT$ 200
Waldorf Salad: NT$ 190
Onion Salad: NT$ 90
Tomato Salad: NT$ 90
Cucumber Salad: NT$ 90

Mexican Specials

Taco Chicken/Burrito Beef: With Refried Beans, Rice and Salsa. NT$ 280
Flauta Beef Enchilada Chicken: NT$ 280
Flauta Beef Chimichanga Chicken: NT$ 280
Taco Chicken Flauta Beef: NT$ 280
Beef Fajitas: NT$ 300
Shrimp Fajitas: NT$ 300
Chicken Fajitas: NT$ 280
Combo Fajitas: NT$ 350
Paella: NT$ 320
Mariposa Shrimp: Fresh large Shrimp sautéed with our special Garlic sauce, served with rice beans and warm Tortillas. NT$ 340
Michoacan Chicken: Tender Chicken Breast Sautéed in Butter, served with French Fries. NT$ 280
Pollo Loco ( crazy Chicken): NT$ 320
Pork Ribs: NT$ 320
Seafood Gratin Rice: NT$ 220
Seafood Gratin Penne: NT$ 220
Red Wine Beef Stew: NT$ 300
For additions salad soup NT$ 80


Avocado Soup: NT$ 120
Hot Shrimp Soup: NT$ 120
Tortilla Soup: NT$ 90
Corn Soup: NT$ 70


Dulce Poblanos de Camotes: NT$ 100
Deep-fried Ice-cream: NT$ 170
Flan: NT$ 80
Churros: NT$ 70
Toast Pudding with Blue-berries: NT$ 150
Kahlua Panne Cotta: NT$ 150
Berries served with Vanilla Ice-cream: NT$ 180
The cocktail bar serves a great verity of Mexican drinks from Beer, wine, margaritas and soft drinks.
The above menu is not in its complete version and represents a snapshot taken when we visited Tequila Sunrise for our review.


Directions: Tequila Sunrise is easy to find located directly on No. 42, Xin Sheng South Road sec. 3, Taipei Tel: (02) 2362-7563
Busses in front of the door: 236, 251, 0, 668, 252, 280, 284, 290, 676, 643, 642, 907, 671, 11, 52, 311, and 505