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Travel in Taiwan


Travel in Taiwan

For people coming to the island it might sometime be a surprise to hear that Taiwan can be a destination for a relaxing vacation. Taiwan or Formosa has everything to offer from sunny and sandy beaches to Rocky Mountains. The island is just about to explore its potential for the tourism business. Here you can explore Taiwan's Indian culture, learn about their traditions their art work and pottery.

If you want to have a recreational holiday and do some hardcore exercise at the same time, you may consider riding a bike in Taiwan. The island has many advantages  for cycling. Since riding a bike has become very popular in Taiwan, there are many biking paths to explore. Taiwan has many mountain roads  for mountain biking, and beautiful beaches along the coastlines for long distance cycling. Visit our Taiwan cycling tour guide to get some ideas on how to spend your stay in Taiwan.

Another great aspect for traveling around the island is Taiwan's diversity in culture. The mixture of local Taiwanese and Chinese ethnics gives Taiwan a unique flair you can't find elsewhere in Asia.









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