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Taipei book show


The world trade center in Taipei is host to Asia's largest book exhibition!  

Next to Taipei 101 building, you can visit the world trade center, which hosts computer, and book shows on a regular basis. The next book exhibition scheduled for the second week in February 2006 will start on February 7 and end on February 12. You will need to have a business or company license for the seventh and eighth to be eligible free entrance. Private persons can visit the book fair from February 9 to 12th. There usually is a cover charge of about 150NT$. Taipei world trade center's book and literature exhibit has a history of fourteen years. This year will be the 14th time you can visit the exhibition. Since it has started fourteen years ago, the show has grown into Asia's biggest literature exhibit and now hosts more different countries than ever. The 2005 highlights where international exchange, functions of publishing and reading culture. In hall1, they hosted the topics International Exhibitors, Foreign Booksellers, General Books, Magazines, Special Interest literature, and the government Publication Pavilion. In hall2 were the comic books and the children's books were in hall3.

The books are not only on display, you can buy them there for real. Many stands usually have promotional offers and discount sales. Because the exhibition hall is so huge, it is a good idea to show up early and to bring a lot of time. We will be there this year too and run a full coverage on what the book show has to offer.

Even though there is a cover charge, special offers and discounts can turn it into a deal for those with an interest in literature and for those who buy many books. For example I bought a Macmillan English dictionary in elite bookstore in Taipei for more then 900NT$ only to find out they where offered at the book fair for around 550NT$ as a special promotion. So make a list of books you want to buy, check the prices in Taipei's bookstores, and then visit the exhibition.




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