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Blue Note café



Blue Note café has live performances regularly. Most of them are Tuesday to Saturday in the evening.

Where does the term Blue Note come from?

A blue note is a musical note which is played or sung at a lower pitch than those of the major scale. The alteration of this tone is typically less than a semitone and is many times played sliding up and down around the pitch of the major scale. This is done to add more expressive value to the musician¡¦s performance and gives blues and jazz the easy recognizable flair. The blue notes correspond mostly to the flatted third fifth and seventh scale degrees. Because Blues has evolved from a mixture of African American and Euro American music, there are still many African features being found in blues and jazz that can be traced back to African work songs.




Picture of Originals in the Jazz and blues Scene are displayed throughout the establishment.

Nice art work decorates the internal and adds visual stimulations to the experiences of the performers audiences.

The size of the cafe is rather cozy than big and gives the bar a very personal touch.

Nicely and decent illuminated is the area next to the bar

A little cozier is the area behind the stage, there you enjoy more privacy

The blue note stage

The bar is bright and mixes up a great variety of drinks and cocktails named after jazz classics.

4th floor, No. 171 Sec 3 Roosevelt Rd 02-2362-2333 or 0925-731-037 next to Taipower MRT station green line

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