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Dexter café


Dexter café

Located across from Rong Shin garden near Taipei domestic airport, Dexter café is one of Taipei's popular internet coffee shops. Dexter café is on Minchuan East road section 3 five minutes walk from Fuxin North road and the Chungshan Middle School MRT station.


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Taipei coffee shop photographed at night.

The entrance is just a few meters away from the bus stop on Minchuan east road section 3 across from Ron Shin garden.

Jazz music, a coffee and a city news magazine make my day.

The café counter is fitted with a state of the art coffee espresso machine serving from cafe late Americano espresso to double cappuccino. Scones and other bakeries are available as well. The menu includes some warm meals as well.

The cafe is cozy but bright. There is sufficient light for reading the newspaper or a book.

Customers can visit Rong Shin Garden or the go to Hsin Tien Temple on of the bigger Temples in Taipei city.

Café Dexter is for Taipei a medium sized restaurant business

Free Taiwan weekly Newspapers are a standard for Dexter café.

The window delivers an open atmosphere.

The café's furniture is comfortable and the walls are decorated with black & white pictures of Jazz classics.

Wireless Internet access for laptop users makes café Dexter the ideal place for people with business in Taipei.

Two armchairs and a cement block serve rustically for a table setting near the café's window.

You can see the bus stop behind the white car.

Taipei Dexter café address: Minshuan East Road sec. 3 Nr. 20 reservations: Tele: 886-02-2517-0939


American style coffee & tea

Fresh bakeries

Warm meals


Jazz music

Wireless internet access
News papers
close to parks
service at the table

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