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I Swear Café


I Swear Café

Café garden with a lot of free vegetation and pot plants .

Located near Taipower Building on Roosevelt road section 3 lane 283, I swear cafe is one of the finer restaurant cafes in Taipei. Tai-power building is pretty much the biggest building in this area and its distinctive yellow color makes it almost impossible to miss. Walking from Shida night marked lane 283 will be between Xinhai road sec1 and Xingshen south road sec3 on your left. Taipower building is on the other side of Roosevelt road and is facing lane 283 head on. Just turn left and you'll see the cafe after about 50 meters.



In the late afternoon, lunchtime and during the English teatime hours this place gets busy. The fact you're not seeing any people on our photographs has to do with us concerning about customers privacy. We always try to take pictures before business hours.

The cafe's surroundings are pact with movie theatres bookstores and universities. Great century Cinema is nearby. There are also three churches in that area. Truth Lutheran Church, Grace Baptist Church and Presbyterian Church are all within of five minutes walking distance.


Cafe table with comfortable chairs.


Café dining Hall

Entrance with Christmas reindeer illumination and other decor.




bookshelf with magazines next to the desert area

Café I Swears' Menu

Rice & Noodles

Roasted pork Knuckle with Sauerkraut

Italian spicy Spaghetti with Crab Meat

Grilled Lamb Chops with Herbal Mint S.

Fried Rice with smoked Salmon


Penne with mixed Seafood

Grilled Rossini Tenderloin w red wine S.

Squid stuffed w/Spinach on Coriander Sauce

Cocktails & Appetizers

Lobster Salad Tar, Backed Escargots in Red wine Sauce, Assorted Seafood in Tomato Broth, Consommé Celestine with wild Mushroom, Beef Tatar with Japanese Dressing, Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Garden salad, Deserts & verity of drinks per Person 10% service charge

Spaghetti Tagli. with Mushrooms & Shrimps
Grilled Chicken leg with Garlic Sauce
Pan fried Monk Fish with Vinegar Sauce
Roasted Pork Rib with Teriyaki Sauce
Stewed Lamb Shank with Chilly Garlic S.
Pan fried green Wrasse w/Caviar Cream
Grilled N.Z. Sirloin Steak with wild Mushroom Sauce The prices range from 230-320NT$ per dish and from 320-630NT$ for a complete meal


I Swear cafe closes at 10:30pm. The stylish and quiet environment makes it the ideal place for some relaxing afternoon to late evening hours. Take a friend or something to read it's a nice and clean place to be. The waiter and waitresses are friendly and the service is prompt. This is a more upscale coffee shop in Taipei or better one of Taipei's high-class restaurant Café. If you come to Taiwan and you're in Taipei in the university area, visit stop by and have a cup of tea or coffee ala carte.

Address: Roosevelt Road section 3 lane 283 Nr.3 Telephone for reservations in Taipei: 2363-2011

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