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Smile Kid Learning Store


Smile Kid Learning Store is one of Taipei's most prestigious bookstores for children. Located in the Shida university area it is not only a bookstore, it also specializes in early childhood educational games and toys. For English teachers in Taipei Smile Kid bookstore has mainly English teaching literature and classroom supplies to offer. Montessori education methods are very popular in Taiwan. Many child centers in Taipei are Montessori oriented and use Montessori equipments in their daily activities. If you need English children's books there are many stores in Taipei you can visit but most of them have rather little supplies. Smile Kid Learning Store carries a wide range of authors of English teaching literature. Learning resources with more than 3000 educational products from USA can be found in this book store.

Taipei's bookstores often have a bulletin board where people can post free ads.

The entrance of Smile Kid Learning Store in Taipei has a bulletin board which can be used by English teachers.

Small books come in handy if you only have one or two children to teach. When you teach privately and run from one location to another the small size makes it more convenient carrying them around.

Wooden book shelves with books on English language for small learners. To review the titles click on the picture to enlarge.

Smile Kid learning bookstore has great collection of posters for classroom activities.

To see the illustrations click on the picture for a better resolution.

For Taipei this is a rare bookstore which offers students books, Christian books and family home educational supplies. Smile Kid Learning Store has a vide range of child book publishers and children games with a German pedagogic background.

All books in this store are plentiful in art and design full of color illustrations and optically attractive on most pages.

For teaching kindergarten aged students the poster sized story books are a great tool for attracting attention. Colorful illustrations and a large fond are very helpful to get you through the hour. You easily can spend up to 30 minutes telling a story, pointing at the illustrations, explaining every page in English and still keep in control of your classroom. For ESL beginners you should make sure that the storybook has a lot of repetition throughout each story. This is probably more important than simplicity of the language being used in that particular piece of literature. First focus on teaching the repeating features. You'll quickly notice that every time the class seems to break up you can pull them back on track on any of those points. Then gradually add more language each time you tell the story. Reading the story book before class will give you more confidence while teaching. Reading from behind upside down and dealing with a number of kids can be too demanding for many teachers. Memorizing each story by heard will be much better than just being a good reader. So you can make eye contact and observe how your students are taking it in. You・ll get a better feel for what works and what doesn・t.

To search the titles you can enlarge the picture and get a better view.

Product overview for this bookstore in Taipei

Educational English games!

Educational games for leisure are very useful when chosen accordingly the children's age. Also take some of your teaching time to do a proper introduction. First of all a new toy gets all the attention and if you show the kids the right way using those toys the pedagogic value will be enhanced. Don't show or give the toy to the children without getting at least one teaching lesson out of it. You can clown, you can jump or stand on your head after some time with the same kids there is nothing left they haven't seen yet. Introducing a toy in form of a lesson just gives it an additional value. The same applies to the books.

How to pay for these books?

English books are not cheap in Taipei! It is very difficult to buy cheap books in Taipei city. For example a Chinese book with 250 pages and color illustrations can be as cheap as 200NT$ but for the same topic, size and number of pages, you'll probably have to pay up to 800NT$. I recently reviewed two science teaching books for children; one was in Chinese the other in English, both had about the same number of color graphics in it and the same quality pages. The Chinese book cost 189NT$ and the English was 750NT$. Prices can vary and there is no real comparison between two different authors but generally speaking if you are looking for cheap English books in Taipei you probably have to buy them second hand. So if you want to use them at your work ask you employer to finance them. Don・t be shy! You・re doing the children a great favor bringing a very selective collection of child literature into the kindergarten. Parents will appreciate it and the teachers who take over when you・re going back home too. Because English books are expensive in Taiwan keep them in a book bag and protect the poster sized story books from the kids. They can last in a kindergarten classroom between 10minutes and 5 years.

Children story books in English

Child coloring books

Children audio books in English Language

Books on CD and DVD

Educational English games

Classic Christian books

Alphabet stamp sets

Alphabet pocket chart

Letters and sounds

OPI Alphabet Reading

On track reading

Road to reading

Math games in English

Bean Bags Phonics Cube sets

ABC Alphabet fun

Progress in Mathematics

Harper Collins Mathstart

Let's read and find out Science

My five senses, My Feet, My hands, How many teeth, Sleep, Floating stare

Note Pads


Stinky Stickers

McGraw-Hill Grammar

Sadlier Oxford Phonics word study
Sadlier Oxford Phonics reading

Rock and learn DVD series

Alphabet, Alphabet exercise, Colors shapes and counting, Nursery Rhymes, Getting ready for Kindergarten, Telling Time, Letter Sounds, Phonics, and Phonics easy readers

Bookstores location: NO.49-1 YunHe Street. Taipei, Taiwan Tel: 02-23690026 Fax: 02-23690027 in the Shida road area map

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