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Two Fish Café


Two Fish Café

This Café is rather a coffee house than just a coffee shop.

Two fish Café is located in the Shida night market area. It is right next to Grandma's Café in a small alee off Shida Road. The facts that Shida night market is close to two universities, Shida University and National Taiwan University (NTU), has made it become one of the intellectuals' hangouts in Taipei.

If you are coming from Shida University that is on Hopin West road turn left ob lane Nr.9 the Café will be on your right after only a few meters. This place gets very busy during lunchtime and the early evening. Two fish Café has a nicely decorated interior the walls are rustically hip white. The furniture on the upper floor is close together and offer perfect socializing opportunities for newcomers in town.

The surrounding area has many other restaurants, bars, and clubs. Forty-Five is a well-known bar in Taipei and are open until early in the morning. Other bars and nightclubs you can reach on foot are Roxi, B1, Club Wax, and the Blue Note Café. Shida night market is very popular with young students and foreigners living in Taiwanˇ¦s capital. Two fish café is one of the places in the city crowded with local Taiwan students and foreign visitors.

The menu has special meals to offer such as fried rice with gravy or charcoal French pork chop with red wine sauce, just to name some of it. Two fish serves a verity of cakes and deserts like tiramisu, baked pudding, heavy cheese, and almond cake are some on the list. The coffee bar mixes all kind of cocktails for you. Long island and blue sky are on the list, which has a dozen more drinks to offer.




The upper floor has the tables tight together and provides a more romantic atmosphere.

Many antiquities decorate the café.

We took this photograph from the upper floor.

This is a single small dining room in a cellar has one big table surrounded by benches.

This picture shows the ground level. From here, you can see the small room in the basement.

This Table is next to the window that faces the small lane on which the Café is located.

This is a view of the counter from the upper floor.

Two fish Café's Menu

Special meals

Chocolate brownie

Fried rice with gravy beef

Backed pudding

Charcoal pork chops with red wine sauce

Almond cake

Chicken with orange sauce

Caramel mousse

Rice with red wine beef

Cocktails & Appetizers

Some examples for the cocktail list are long island ice tea, peace celestial, derailed, hero, forbidden fruit, blue sky and more on the actual menu.

Coffee and tea of course

Black American coffee and Chinese green and black tea

Pork chops with sweet and sour sauce
Rice with beer chicken
Rice with fried pork
Rice with vegetables
Spicy crab pasta
Cake & deserts
Heavy cheese with yoghurt or blueberry and light cheese with cookie or strawberry The prices range from 160-220NT$ per dish and from 70-250NT$ for drinks.

Two fish cafe lies in the heart of Taipei studentsˇ¦ metropolis.

The correct Address is Shida Road lane Nr.9 Taipei, Taiwan. Tel: 02-2362-3271 or 2363-3546

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