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Schwarzwald Restaurant


Schwarzwald Restaurant or the Black Forest cafe

The black forest is a region in south Germany and it also is the name for one of Taipei's famous German restaurants. The German word for Black Forest is Schwarzwald.

Situated near Taiwan national University NTU and Shida night market black forest cafe is in the heart of the Taipei cosmopolitan and intellectual scene. Bookstores like elite bookstore are in reach by just five minutes walk. The restaurant's location itself is not on a main street. ItíŽs located 20 Wenchou Street, Taipei city which is in between of Ho-Ping East Road and Shing-Hei Road.

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Schwarzwald cafe lies off traffic in a quiet alee

These pictures depict the restaurant on a rainy Taipei night.

The entrance has an outside dining area under a tent

Table lamps or candlelit dinner upon request.

Taipei Schwarzwald's internal design is of classical German nature and is ought to be a description of German dining culture.

German manufactured dishes decorate the restaurant's walls in combination with German posters and the old German traditional clock.

On the Menu

A waiter or waitress will serve at the table.

The windows which do not provide an outdoor view are decorated to please your eyes.

Lunch specials Spaetzle vegetarian or with bacon. Fish meal, Pumpkin risotto, seafood risotto, roasted chicken with garlic butter, Fried potatoes and more

Chef's Special Please ask the waiter about the specials
Salads smoked salmon salad, salami sausage salad, cheese and tomato, iceberg lettuce with smoked ham, prawn & unions salad
Chocolate fondue assorted fruit with melted chocolate
Family menue pork knuckle smashed potatoes and sauerkraut, mixed sausage plate, and more
Daily specials lamb, beef goulash, smoked ham and more
Main dishes chicken cordon bleu, pickled herring, meatloaf and more
House specials Roasted pork, filet steak, German eisbein and more
Wine list with red and white wine and German mulled wine
German beer malt beer, Warsteiner beer and dark beer more on the drinking list.

Address: 20 Wenchou street , Taipei, Taiwan. Reservation telephone: 02-2369-3785/23693786 fax: 02 2369-3787 view map

The table setting and service is held the German way with silverware like knife, fork and tablespoon. Ménage and candlelight for a candlelit dinner are available upon request. A nice and decent table light is taking care of a romantic flair. Prices vary between 190NT$ and 300NT$ per dish and 270NT$ to 580NT$ for a whole menu.

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