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Taiwan cycling


Taiwan cycling

Cycling in Taiwan has become very popular in recent years. With over 150 km of biking trails along the rivers of  Taipei alone, riding the bike has grown into a weekend activity for the masses.

There are several reasons why Taiwan is ideal for cycling. First of all Taiwan has many sunny days per year, many mountain trails with a beautiful scenery, and small biking paths that let you get away from everyday traffic. Another great reason for biking in Taiwan is that many companies like Giant are situated here in Taiwan. Giant for example is one of the biggest company manufacturing mountain bikes in Taiwan. The prices for an upscale mountain bike are compare to other countries extremely low. 100US$ will buy you a decent mountain bike, and once your vacation is over just give it to some kid or anyone else you met.

If you plan to visit the island, there is a chance you'll become a professional cyclist, who knows all about bikes and their products.

We have explored a handful of short leisure biking tours so far. You'll be able to complete these trips within one to five days starting and returning to Taipei city. We recommend to do the hotel bookings beforehand otherwise chance are you'll have to put up your tent. We hope to be your tour guide and you'll find the information we provide very useful.

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